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3 Methods That Work Fast For Sending a Pinterest Invite

How to Send a Pinterest Invite?

One of the most powerful tools of the day in social networking or social site is Pinterest. More and more people are willing to become members of this great utility. Interestingly, the membership is not thrown open to everyone who applies for it. As of now, the membership is limited to those who get specific invite without which one cannot become a member. Of course the process of becoming a member although is easy, it takes some time; normally it takes few days to become a member. For example, if you are a member of Pinterest and you want to enroll someone known to you as a member, then there are only three methods through which you can invite your friend to become a member of this great utility. Let us look at each of these methods:

Go through the Facebook:

If you want to introduce one of your friends as a member of the Pinterest through the face book, then simply send him an invite. But, before doing so, check his abilities or business status. Once you invite him, the friend will be mailed an application form and he has to send the application through e-mail. After the person submits the application he will be enrolled as a member of Pinterest after duly verifying the application by the Pinterest community. The applicant will get a mail confirming his membership.

Directly send an invite:

This is considered to be fastest method to invite a person to the Pinterest community. For this, the person sending the invite must be a member of the community. Such person can send an invite directly through his website to the willing applicant. All that one has to do is to go to his Pinterest and click on the invite friend utility. There he has to fill in the right fields and the friend will soon get an invite through email. Once the recipient furnishes the necessary data on the mail then the Pinterest community will convey him the status of the application. If his application is accepted, the person will get a confirmation mail soon.

Send general invitations:

This method is considered to be a Samaritan approach. Send a general invitation to the unknown and anyone who is interested can use your invite to apply for Pinterest utility. They would use this invite to apply for the membership of the community. There are instances when people send such invitations through their twitter or LinkedIn account. Even in such cases, the unknown applicant can send his application using such invite. Some people are of the opinion such invite should be sent only to persons who are known and only after ascertaining the need for such person to become a member of the Pinterest community.

As a matter of fact, these are the only three ways through which one can send invite to prospective members of the Pinterest. Whatever be the method through which the invite is sent, it really works fast and within a few days the applicant will get a mail confirming his membership.

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