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Guest Blogger Nightmare Story - Why Guesting Bloggers Are Not Always a Wise Choice

Not long ago I was talking to an individual who had a blog in a specific industry sector. He invited me to post a guest blog explaining that it would help me gain credibility and introduce myself to a whole new audience, all those people who subscribe to his blog, and there were thousands. We got to talking, and he told me that he had had some bad experiences. Therefore he had a set of rules, and his stipulations. In other words, I could write a guest blog post as long as it met all his criteria. The criteria seemed reasonable, and perhaps I will oblige.

Now then, one of the bad experiences he had had with another writer was that the writer had submitted a blog article that my acquaintance didn't wish to post because he understood that his subscribers wouldn't really appreciate it. This angered the guest blogger, so my acquaintance decided to post it anyway. That's when the trouble started, because everyone was posting comments belittling the guest blogger, and creating animosity. The guest blogger was upset, and he responded to the commenters, and they got into a cat fight on the blog, exactly what my acquaintance didn't want to have happen.

In fact, it got so out of control that one of the commenters was also the owner of the company which sponsored one of the banner ads, he wanted to get a refund, he'd already paid in advance for one whole year, and he didn't want his name associated with that blog ever again. Yes, this guest blogging nightmare story just kept getting worse and it put my acquaintance the owner of the blog in the middle of the controversy. Now some might say that controversy builds traffic, but it doesn't build traffic if it turns people away because they had a very bad experience online.

One commenter who commented quite frequently never commented again after that exchange. The acquaintance and the guest blogger no longer speak to each other, even though my acquaintance did warn the guest blogger that that probably was not the appropriate blog post in the first place. My acquaintance did give the remainder of the money back to the banner advertiser, keeping two months of the money for his costs in developing the ad. What a terrible situation which went from bad to worse.

Let this be a lesson to you. Just because people advise that bloggers should use the Tom Sawyer trick for blog content, doesn't mean that it is a foolproof strategy. You should know in advance what you are getting yourself into, and have proper criterion and stipulations when pitching the concept to guest bloggers. Please consider all this and think on it.

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