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Why You Should Have An Attention Grabbing Title When You Submit An Article To An Article Directory

A quite busy editor for an article directory is deciding what to run in the next day's "Article of the Day" feature. He had decided that he will base the decision only on the title the writers submit with the article. One writer says she will submit an article titled "Urgent: Stock Market Has Wild Ride!" while another writer will submit an article titled "Stock Market Goes Up, Then Down." Which is more attention grabbing? Which will most people probably feel is more interesting? The first one, right? Why is that?

Headlines that sound urgent, are attention grabbing, evoke emotion(s) and set the right tone, can be more captivating and helpful to a reader. This intrigue can help increase the chance that the person reads the entire article. Also, the writer that submits an article with a headline that sets an appropriate tone for the article is likely doing the reader a large favor by providing a more satisfactory reading experience.

The headline is the first chance the writer has to make an impression of what the article is about and how it is written. Choosing words that accurately describe the content of the article can be quite challenging. Setting an accurate tone and style can be important in making the reader feel that the title was an accurate description of what the article is about. The very last thing a writer wants to do is make the person reading the article feel confused due to the change of tone from the title to the body of the article itself. This will likely alienate the reader and have a negative influence on the reader's opinion of the quality of writing in the article directory and the article directory itself.

If we return to the article directory example, if the writer who wants to submit the article titled "Urgent: Stock Market Has Wild Ride!" decides for whatever reason to down play the turn of events of the stock market and uses unexciting and mundane descriptions like "so-so", "uneventful" and "normal and boring" the reader will feel there was a disconnect with the title of the article and the body of the article. This is a situation that can easily be avoided with an accurate, encompassing and proper title.

Attention grabbing, well-written headlines are,well, just at the top of items to learn in order to write great and effective articles to submit to an article directory.

Success awaits!

Jordan R. Kimmel

I live in Kansas City, but grew up in Chicago.

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