Senin, 10 September 2012

Big Article Marketing Secret - Don't You Quit Before Your Personal Break Through Happens!

Want to know my big article marketing secret?

People usually do article marketing to gain backlinks for their website or pages and post. What they do is purchase article distribution software and blast tons of spun articles to massive amounts of article directory sites.

They also go through the hassle of spinning the articles so the duplicate content won't remove backlinks from every article that has the same content.

What I do is use this machine in a much different way. As a matter of fact I use this for what it was initially intended to be used for, which is simply distributing my articles!

You see I don't need to worry about content duplication because I'm not trying to rank the darn post. I'm just trying to get the traffic that's already on these directories to read my "quality" article that are not spun but written well, these are real people viewing my stuff, so every view is quality.

Because I am not trying to rank the post I don't need them distributed for "links" back to my site. I actually couldn't care less even if I tried.

So while people use this to distribute hundreds of articles to get massive backlinks, I use this to distribute top notch quality articles for real viewers, it works pretty good, try it out.

In this internet marketing arena I notice a lot of people literally quite before the break through, literally right before they start seeing results they just quit and say it's not working, I can't do what these Gurus do.

Don't You Quit Before Your Personal Break Through Happens, Deal?

Automation is so important I can hardly bring across to you how critical it is to implement this in every part of your online business. Even offline businesses need this and they are getting it, just look at the mass layoffs, machines taking over what humans use to do.

The way automation works is you have a system in place that starts working automatically whether you're sleeping or whether you are awake. This is also the part in our business that we find freedom. Imagine having all these different wheels going and the only way for them to keep spinning is if you're monitoring it. It's just not
efficient and it won't work for the long run. Here's an example of automation...

... The easiest example I can think of is an auto responder series like Aweber, Getresponse or iContact. These are services that will collect the leads you get, emails and phone numbers if you want. Once they are collected you can set it up where various messages will automatically be sent to their inboxes over a period of time.

If you want you can setup 80 messages all shooting straight into the inbox for 1 year or even 2 years, as long as you want!

This can be done even while you sleep, totally hands off.

If you hang on long enough and make up your mind that this will work for you then eventually everything will start falling into place, so persevere!

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