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Article Marketing Tips: Top Tips for Writing Articles Quickly

Writing articles is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, generate quality leads and enhance your search engine rankings. If you're involved in writing articles on a regular basis as a small or independent business owner, then chances are you'll want to produce as many articles as you can in the shortest possible time. Writing articles quickly takes skill and practice, but the good news is that if you apply some of the tips I offer below, then it's not that difficult. In the end you'll be able to not only write your articles more quickly, but write more articles with higher quality.

Here are some top tips based on my experiences:

Article Marketing Tip 1 - Organize Your Thoughts Before You Start Writing
That's why its incredibly important to identify your article topic before you start writing. One way to do this is to mindmap as many different topics as possible. Start with a blank piece of paper, write one though in the middle of the paper and begin jotting down as many related topics as you can to that original topic, or any ideas that come from the original topic. Don't stop until you have run out of ideas. You will want to at least generate 10 ideas and ideally 25.

Article Marketing Tip 2 - Start by Asking a Question
A common mistake is to start writing an article and then after a couple of paragraphs start thinking "so what do I write now!" One of the best ways to start your article is with a question and then continuing that logic and answering that question in the body of your article. The best part about starting your article with a question is that you are able to connect with your reader by beginning a conversation at their current mental state. In addition, a question posted in a headline is very intriguing and has a way of increasing the curiosity of a potential reader to read further. So, once you have a question to guide you on the topic of your article, then you will want to make the rest of the article an answer to that one question. The key is focus on one question at a time.

So if you are writing an article for the keyword "build a blog" your question might be "How do I build a blog?" By, doing this, you will ultimately be able to better focus the content of your article via the answer you respond with in the body of the article.

Article Marketing Tip 3 - List Bullet Points
Once you've asked a question, list your answers to the question as bullet points. This is a great tip for writing articles quickly. Go through each bullet point and then add more information to it. If you can, throw in an example for each point. It's much easier to write that way. That's why it's a good idea to bullet point the topics to cover and then expand on each one.

Article Marketing Tip 4 - Just Write Until its Done
One you have determined your topic, posed the right question and put your bullet list of answers together, then just write. Write and don't stop writing until you are done. Don't worry about grammar, tone, sentence structure, spelling or any other nonsense. Just write until you have written everything you need to in order to answer the question. When you are finished, then go back and edit your writing. You don't have to make it perfect, just readable.

Article Marketing Tip 5 - Practice
The key to writing articles quickly is to just get it done. Write, write, and keep writing. It sounds obvious I know, but it's amazing what the practice of writing can do for you in terms of increasing your efficiency. By increasing your proficiency and ability to write, you will naturally improve your efficiency.

Article Marketing Tip 6 - Time Yourself
One simple, but overlooked tip is to time yourself while writing articles. It may not seem pleasant, but what you don't measure you can't manage. By timing yourself, not only will you create a baseline measure for your future performance, but you will give yourself the time pressure to really focus your mind mind! Start by giving yourself 15 minutes to write an article, and then gradually decrease it over time. Once you've got some experience it's possible to write as many as 8 or 10 articles in an hour. I know that sounds like a lot, but it is doable. The key is to measure your results and to practice until you are writing your articles in as qucily as you need to be writing them to be efficient.

Article Marketing Tip 7 - Write as You Speak
One of the most overlooked tips for writing articles is to writing as you speak. Too many small or independent business owners make the mistake of writing for the wrong audience. you want to keep your writing clean and simple. Did you know that USA Today is written at the fourth grade level? Why do you suppose that is? Imagine you are speaking out loud to a friend. Write down what you would say to explain the topic. Keep your language as simple as you can - it will be both easier and quicker to write whilst being easier to read and more enjoyable for your target audience.

Now that you have a plan of action for writing articles, get out there and start writing an article. Once you have the experience of writing one or two articles down, you will have a much better sense about how best to organize your thoughts and get your article writing process moving quickly.

Gabe Singer is the Founder and CEO of Absolute Marketing Profits (AMP) as well as a Marketing Coach and Consultant who specializes in helping independent and small business owners obtain success with simple, effective, and practical marketing resources. Learn more about Internet Marketing Training and get Your FREE AMP Report!" "Top 7 Tactics for Marketing your Small Business!"

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